Tommi Carleman

I'm a web developer from Finland, living in Denmark - I have 10+ years of experience in the field of web development, doing both front-end (HTML, CSS and JS) and back-end positions (PHP).

Throughout the years I have worked with many different systems, from CMS systems like WordPress and eZ Publish, to frameworks like Silex and Laravel.

Some of the projects that I have been involved in are for example creating a KPI Dashboard for a SEO Agency, a lead generation tool aimed to help clients and a network of helpdesks for multiple clients to improve their search visibility.

Through the years I have also worked with transforming designs created with Photoshop and Sketch App to working HTML, CSS and JS solutions, and installed them to Wordpress sites using either a theme builder, or hand-crafted custom themes for the sites. I have also done the same with Umbraco as the backend system.

Currently I am in charge of building and maintaining the core application that runs at the heart of DMF, our online-system, that all our customers use, and the auxiliary systems that my coworkers rely on to be able to do their daily work in an efficient manner, ranging from custom browser addons to various services to help with for example scraping data from remove websites to automatically collect the relevant data they need.

Some of the websites that I have worked on through the years are Eurodan huse, Lejebolig kolding, Global forsikring, Pastella, L√¶rkelunden, Planteshop, Cado, Engroshjul, a blog for Legeakademiet, Schmidt K√łkken and many more.

Currently I am employed as Senior (lead) web-developer @ Dansk Motor Finans A/S